Welcome to Lowe Direct.

We are a small Australian family owned business based in Melbourne Australia and are excited to be part of the launching of Reveal in Australia and are thrilled we have the opportunity to introduce you to a skincare product that is gentle, effective and safe for the whole family.

My Name is Toni Lowe , I am a wife and mother of three kids, we live in  Melbourne, Australia along with our dog T-Rex.  I  personally have battled a complicated array of health issue which has lead me on a quest to find products that are a more natural alternative for our daily needs.  Whilst at the same time having 2 teenagers both struggling with acne.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have and if I am unsure of the answer I will call Deidre, the formulator of Reveal, and find out for you.

Toni Lowe